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Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet cleaning is not as simple as it sounds. There are certainly a lot of things that must be considered to make everything absolutely seamless. One significant aspect of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. This is one of the most favored choices in terms of carpet maintenance.

Carpet cleaning is relatively similar to regular shampooing, except that it involves a hot water extraction scheme. This involves an overall truck mounted system which works with optimum efficiency because of how advanced it is.

In order to make the most out of carpet cleaning, there are certain steps that make the process fall right into place. Firstly, there’s a need to pre-spot the particular area in order to emulsify the dirt that has deeply penetrated the carpet. This step loosens the dirt and gets it up like how a de-greaser removes stains. Certain equipment is employed in order to inject the hot steamed water right down into the deepest and most concealed part of the carpet.

With this 200- degree hot water and with the efficiency of a suction process, all the dirty water and other unwanted particles within the carpet will be totally eradicated. This goes into a tank which is located in our advanced truck. This process keeps everything clean no matter what. With the carpet cleaning procedure that we follow, the absolute cleanliness of your carpet will be guaranteed. Right after our carpet cleaning operation, your carpet will initially be damp but certainly not soaked or entirely wet. We can assure the flawlessness of our cleaning system because we employ the most skilled technicians to take care of the process for you. Our specialists are IICRC-certified, so there’s no trouble about any sort of technical issues. We also ensure that we do not leave any form of soapy residue. We make sure that every detail of our carpet cleaning process is geared towards the convenience of your entire family—your elderly, children, and even pets.

If any of your family members is having allergies, this is probably caused by unwanted dust mites that trigger allergic reactions. Take care of your family’s overall well-being by making sure that your home is dust-free and dirt- free. Say goodbye to all those dirt, dust mites, and other tiny particles that reside in your carpet and say hello to a whole new, cleaner home.

Carpet Cleaning in Houston: We take care of your residence

Here at AllstatesAirDuctPro, we value your home like it’s ours. We understand all your carpet cleaning dilemmas and we design our system to cater to every need you have in this important home maintenance domain. Our management process is simple and safe for everyone at home. Expect that even the deepest dirt will be extracted with our carpet cleaning process. Emulsifiers and pre- sprays will be used to break down all those soil- like dirt inhabiting your precious carpet. We’ll use textile rinse and water to create the safest pH level possible. We also use a solid suction process in order to get rid of dirt and we also make sure that your carpet dries up fast.

To make our services better, we maximize DuPont Teflon, too. This protects the carpet to the maximum. It repels spills and dirt on the carpet so you could conveniently clear them away. All types of carpet can be protected by this. It has a distinct molecular shield over the carpet’s fibers to keep its surface energy down. This will enable the repulsion of stains and other unwelcome spots. We also utilize air sprayers in order to coat the fiber. If you want a perfect coverage of your carpet cleaning needs, get in touch with us and we’ll be readily available to give our instant assistance.

Carpet Cleaning in Houston – Commercial Services

If you’re a businessperson, every bit and detail of your commerce must never be overlooked. Even your carpet needs your regular attention. Carpets easily obtain stains, dirt, and soils which is certainly not ideal. Our carpet cleaning services have gained the trust of many commercial spaces because we pay attention to quality above all else. We help you get rid of all those allergens and pollutants in your very own commercial property.

We make use of emulsifiers to shoo away those kitchen grease stains and other unfavorable dirt in the office. We also offer deodorizers to keep your commercial space conducive for a smooth work flow. Our carpet protectors could also help you get rid of heavy traffic that gets into your carpet. Should you encounter emergencies like water damage and the like, our 24/7 hotline is always up to be on your rescue in a snap.

Carpet Cleaning in Houston – Carpet Stain Removal

AllstatesAirDuctPro does a deep cleaning procedure in order to help clients avoid dirt and soil. Even the toughest stains can be knocked out by our rigorous cleaning system. All sorts of spots are hunted by our well- trained carpet cleaning technicians. We use a filtration remover to avoid disagreeable dark lines behind those doors and on your walls. Even red wine or juice stains can be removed by our ultra- effective stain remover. Our spotting agents will take care of those stains from gum, grease, rust, ink, and other property flaws.

Rug Cleaning Services in Houston

In order to heighten your home’s overall appeal, it is essential to make sure that every corner of your abode is squeaky clean—even your rug. AllstatesAirDuctPro is very particular with the general sanitation of your home. Because of this, we have prepared the most effective solutions to get rid of those stains and dirt that are commonly found in rugs and carpets. We see to it that we maintain a safe pH balance to avoid browning, color fades, discoloration, and other unfavorable results of inadequate cleaning. To make the cleaning process flawless, we take time to modify the cleaning temperatures as well as the pressure levels to ensure that the standard cleaning procedures are followed. Be it Oriental rugs or Turkish rugs with braids, synthetics, wool, and silk, we will take care of them for you. Our cleaning agents are the best and the most reliable products in the industry. To serve you utmost convenience, you may also opt to get your carpet picked up, and we can deliver it to you after we have completely cleaned and polished it.

Carpet Cleaning Questions in Houston

1Do I need to apply DuPont Teflon after my carpet has been cleaned?
You’ll have to apply Teflon again. This is to ensure your carpet’s optimum protection.
2How am i supposed to ready my carpets for cleaning?
You’ll need to clear the cleaning area first and foremost. We’ll then move the pieces of furniture and place them into their original positions with the use plastic shields and Styrofoam blocks to keep everything safe.
3Can detergent or chemical leave some residues in my carpet?
We use biodegradable and safe pre-spay and then utilize a textile rinse to get rid of unwanted residues. This is more advanced than how other carpet cleaners do it. Others may just use detergents with extraction alone.
4Someone told me my carpet can never be totally cleaned!
This notion is a fallacy. Our cleaning procedure is so strong that even the toughest stains can be busted. We do things beyond what the crowd does, so rest assured that AllstatesAirDuctPro will save the day.