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Drapery Cleaning

AllstatesAirDuctPro 713-530-3234

Get your Drapery Cleaned in Houston

Here at AllstatesAirDuctPro, we can deal with whatever kinds of draperies. Whether it’s just a simple drapery material or it’s a long, heavy curtain, we are always ready to deal with them for you. We clean your draperies by organizing the cleaning process excellently. Here are the hottest offers we give you:

  • You can contact us and schedule appointments with us in your preferable time.
  • We will clean and condition your fabric drapes with a chemical-free, Green Jet system.
  • You can secure your items to be clean, complete and damage-free by the time you receive them.
  • Upon delivery, your items will be folded and pleated perfectly to avoid wrinkling.
  • All the items will be inspected and reinstalled if necessary.

We are always available to clean your draperies, especially when you’re repainting or renovating your house. We can take down your drapes before you repaint or renovate your house, and then put it back on place after. If the repainting or renovating of your house is still not done, you can rely on us in cleaning and storing your items thoroughly. AllstatesAirDuctPro offers free storage place for your items up until three months.

Click here if you are getting trouble with your draperies having pet stains. We offer free inspection and we can estimate it today. For further details, call 713-530-3234. Dealing with heavy and long draperies could be a little troublesome sometime, so let us handle everything for you from taking down your precious draperies to hanging them again back in place. You can keep your draperies from having imperfections and wrinkles with our help.