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Rug Cleaning

AllstatesAirDuctPro 713-530-3234

Rug Cleaning in Houston

We deal with all sorts of rugs

We clean whatever sorts of rugs. We always make sure that your rugs have all been completely checked out so the proper cleaning process can be done with them. Here in AllstatesAirDuctPro, you wouldn’t worry about your precious rugs getting damaged.

High-quality rugs like oriental rugs which are made up of organic dyes and natural dyes are commonly used. We will make sure to handle these supreme items of yours by controlling the pH level that is present along the process. This will avoid the items from discoloration. All throughout the process, the pressure and temperature are controlled, depending on the kind and materials of the rug. Your rugs are also washed and dried excellently by an air mover and humidifier. Just like some usual process, your rugs could also be bleached if necessary.

As said, AllstatesAirDuctPro deals with any kinds of rugs like cotton, silk, animal’s wool, Oriental, Turkish, artificial, and other type of rugs. We can also clean other designed rugs such as braided, bound, and other fringed rugs. We can remove and clean both minor and major stains to keep the natural fibers in your rug perfect even after washing. Your rugs will be brought to the agency for further processes. This process will approximately take 5-7 days so we can achieve superb cleaning quality you deserve.