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Upholstery Cleaning

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If you are currently looking for the perfect company that can reliably take care of the cleaning your upholstery, you have found the right place. AllstatesAirDuctPro has gained a reputable name because of how well we handle all forms of fabric regardless of how delicate or how difficult it is to clean up. We are adept in handling these services and we do our work following the important guidelines from IICRC.

We make sure that our procedures are nothing but the best. We start from the basic and we go through the complexity of the process with proficiency and grace. We begin by checking your furniture and the stains on it so we could have the idea on how to direct the process. Then, we take time to pre-condition the fabric used on your upholstery. This allows our cleaning tool’s full emulsification on the specified surface. We use a textile rinse to completely remove dirt. To dry it up faster, we integrate strong air movers. We also make sure that your fabric looks brand new.


You really don’t have to get upholstery dry cleaned. Upholstered pieces of furniture actually use more items during the production stage than a carpet. The only issue is that those manufacturers ask for dry cleaning majorly because they’d like to secure their items and lessen the damage risks. Nevertheless, dry cleaning undoubtedly has certain issues in terms of quality retention. There’s a better and safer way of cleaning your upholstered furniture, and that is no other than extraction cleaning. This is an effective process of removing dirt without harming the pleasant state of your upholstered pieces. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got your back. We can remove those flaws from your home upholstery with utmost care in no time.


Whether you like it or not, your upholstered fabrics will really be prone to any sort of stains. These unwanted stains can be removed. However, it can be a challenge to know what exact product is best used. There’s no product that can control all types of stains. Finding the exact formula for all your upholstery dilemmas can be a real challenge. That’s what we’re here for. With our rigorous cleaning procedures, no stain will be left seen. However, you need to take action as soon as possible. If a stain is mistakenly pre-treated or if it has been left stained for a prolonged period of time, it can worsen things out. Thus, call us immediately to keep all stains away.

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1What shall I do if I’m advised to dry-clean my fabric?
There are a lot of companies who say this. This is their safe way of avoiding any form of liability in the end. However, upholstery can definitely be treated the right way using the most appropriate pH solution and a swift drying system to get it secure. Our company is not fond of dry cleaning and it is something we are trying to avoid as much as we can.
2When shall my upholstery be totally dry and open?
Right after we leave your house, it must be completely ready. We use fast air movers that utterly enhance the drying speed.
3Is it possible for a protectant to work on upholstery and protect it from spills and the like?
. We do utilize protectant on upholstery. It’s an effective solvent protectant. This is basically used to keep brown spots and water spots and make sure the cleaning is neatly done.