About Us

Opening and making an Air and Carpet Cleaning business is no easy task.

With an ever growing competition, and a bumpy economy, our industry has always being quite unforgiving. Mistakes and poor service can swiftly put anyone out of business for good.

For long years, All States Air Duct Pro has stood the test of time, proving that quality, great service and experience are the true ingredients of success.

We are proud of our expert team of trained workers, seasoned technicians and support personnel. We can say with all confidence that everyone works to satisfy our customer´s needs.

As technology has taken prevalence, All States Air Duct Pro embraced it with great enthusiasm. Striving to provide our team with the latest and most innovative equipment to make sure they can perform their job as efficiently and as rigorously as possible, we have earned a reputation of being the most comprehensive Air Duct and Carpet cleaning service in Houston.

We have extended our services to the cities of Spring, Bellaire and Humble in our quest of offering the best service to even more Texans.

The results have been amazing. Every one of our clients has become a loyal customer. We like nothing more than a satisfied patron. From the moment they call, up until they enjoy the benefits of having improved the air quality of their homes, our clients always express total satisfaction and feel like we care about them. Our main source of joy is hearing our clients talk about how well they feel after we have finished our job.

We are Professionals

After you schedule an appointment with our team of expert technicians, you can expect a thorough assessment of your home´s air quality. We inspect your air ducts, possible air flow escapes, and carpet and upholstery conditions. Everything is done with the utmost transparency. We would never perform a service you do not require.

We are up to the highest National standards. We operate under IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards, to guarantee in depth cleaning and the utmost care for your fabric and furniture materials. Every one of our technicians has received the MTCC (Master Textile Cleaner Certification) degree, meaning that your fabrics are in good hands. We are also certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration.

If you require more information, or are interested in joining our team, contact us today. Our team will gladly answer all your questions!