Citizens of Bellaire have come to trust the name of All States Air Duct Pro when it comes to reducing indoor air pollution and increasing the well-being of their families.

First, a few words to those who were directly or indirectly affected by Hurricane Harvey

We were totally heart-broken when we heard that more than a third of Bellaire´s households sustained structural damage due to the flooding caused by Harvey.

Our thoughts and prayers to all those who suffered the anger of Mother Nature.

All States Air Duct Pro workers were among those who, without asking anything in return, were on the front lines during August and September. We also joined relief efforts along with local businesses that responded the call for help of our fellow citizens in Bellaire.

What we can do for you

This year has not been kind to Bellaire. The outdoor air quality of our city has become compromised as many of the latest readings show that particulate matter of 2.5 microns or less is floating in the air. This is due to many factors and can affect sensible people causing allergies or even reducing visibility.

What does that tell us about indoor air quality?

Well, all these potentially harmful particles enter our homes through our ventilation systems and start clogging our air ducts, filters, and HVAC units. These are also massively collected by our carpets and upholstery, creating allergen ridden areas that can pose health threats to those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems.

Also, air ducts collect dew and moisture, providing a dark and damp environment ideal for the growth of mold and other bacteria.

All States Air Duct Pro specializes in cleaning up your air ducts and HVAC systems. Our industrial grade equipment can reach any point of your air duct system, making sure it is completely buildup free in a matter of minutes. We also clean your filters, leaving them in mint condition and boosting up their filtering properties.

You might be wondering why your power bills have been steadily rising

Unbeknownst to many, particle buildup can affect your air conditioner and heating system´s efficiency. Your units might be needing more power in order to cool or heat your home because it has become harder for them to reach certain areas or rooms. A complete cleanup is what you need.

Are your carpets to blame?

If you or someone in your household is having respiratory issues lately, the culprit might be hidden in your carpet´s fibers or your furniture.

Carpet and upholstery fabric act like filters. They collect all these unhealthy particles from the air and keep them away from you. However, a proper cleanup should be performed on them if you want to keep them from getting irreversibly soiled and stained.

Our expert technicians will remove any stain from any fabric by using only the proper products and equipment for your specific fabric and colors. Your carpets never looked better.

If you are in Humble and want 100% satisfaction, you should only call All States Air Duct Pro experts and have a completely free no obligation quote today!


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Services That We Offer Include

Ac Repair

Our AC repair experts are certified, licensed and insured. They are also trained to offer a completely customer oriented service.

Air Duct Cleaning

We are EPA certified. We keep the use of chemicals to a minimum, leaving your ducts residue and dust free.

Carpet Cleaning

We not only specialize in carpet cleaning. We also perform thorough and in-depth upholstery cleaning, providing an all-round cleaning service.

Water Restoration

We efficiently remove water, residues and stains, and remediate all damage caused by moist.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Take care of your indoor air quality, protect your family and save money by having our experts clean your dryer vent system.

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