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Trying to breathe the cleanest air while living in one of the busiest cities in Texas is not an easy feat. Contaminants that enter your HVAC system tend to stay inside your ducts or the fibers of all your carpets. This might eventually cause allergies and respiratory problems to those who live under your roof.

Your Indoor Air Quality Might deteriorate with time, as more pollutants enter hour home and cycle through all your duct system.

Once we measure and assess your home’s IAQ, we’ll get your air ducts and entire HVAC system purified in no time using the industry’s most advanced professional equipment. This equipment we use takes all of the contaminants and bacteria in your air duct system and extracts them; it pulls them into a compressor system so you won’t be breathing them in anymore!

Noticeably improve your indoor air quality with our air duct cleaning service. We recommend air duct cleaning every 5-7 years. We clean your entire ventilation system, including your air vents and HVAC unit, leaving your system free of dust and contaminates that can contribute to allergies. Cleaning your air vents will also greatly reduce the dark lines often found in the corners of your carpet.

We start by thoroughly cleaning your HVAC unit. Then we use 360 degree air agitation under high pressure to clean the particles and contaminates from your air ducts. Our process does not pose the risk of damage to your ducts, the way the brushes do. Next, we spray a safe and effective sanitizer throughout the air vent system. Lastly, we fit you with a custom made, lifetime electrostatic air filter, which filters 94% of all particles, greatly reducing the dust in your home post air duct cleaning. No more paper filters to buy; simply wash your new one and put it back in.

Carpet Cleaning Dallas

Dallas area residents who are looking for solutions that will make their home sparkle and shine don’t need to look any further because all of the solutions that they could ever need can be found right here with us. Carpet Cleaning happens to be one of our most popular services. Locals call us when they move into a home and they need wall to wall carpeting cleaned. They call us anytime they spill the glass of wine they were enjoying on the floor and are worried about lingering stains. They call us if they notice a strange odor they cannot seem to remove. We offer deodorizing, steam cleaning and much more to keep your carpets and rugs in great shape. This is just one of our various options, of course. We offer everything to keep your home clean and you can call us any time to find out more about what we can do for you. Or, browse through our site to find out more about our services in Dallas.

You might rent a steam cleaner from the local grocery store and be surprised by how dark the water is after going over your carpeting. Our solutions are even more effective, and you would be appalled at what we can pull out of your carpets. All States Air Duct cleaning is best done by professionals and we are easily the best team for the job. While we’re at it, you should schedule one of our other services too, to get multiple aspects of your home cleaned at once. You will love walking into your clean, fresh and healthy home after we are done with it.


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Services That We Offer Include

Ac Repair

Our AC repair experts are certified, licensed and insured. They are also trained to offer a completely customer oriented service.

Air Duct Cleaning

We are EPA certified. We keep the use of chemicals to a minimum, leaving your ducts residue and dust free.

Carpet Cleaning

We not only specialize in carpet cleaning. We also perform thorough and in-depth upholstery cleaning, providing an all-round cleaning service.

Water Restoration

We efficiently remove water, residues and stains, and remediate all damage caused by moist.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Take care of your indoor air quality, protect your family and save money by having our experts clean your dryer vent system.

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