The name of All States Air Duct Pro has become well-known by the citizens of Lewisville. We have been working hard to reduce air pollution and enhance the quality of the home and office quarters for over a decade now. Get on our list of satisfied customers along with hundreds of other people who now breathe a cleaner air thanks to our air duct cleaning specialists.

As the fastest growing cleaning and water damage mitigation company in Houston and its surrounding areas, reaching communities we have continually expanded our services to the North, South, East, and West of Hustle Town, including The Colony, Lewisville and many other locations.

Why is indoor air quality important for our well-being?

We all worry about the quality of the air we breathe. We have seen air pollution rise over the past few decades all around Houston and its surrounding areas, including Lewisville.  What’s more, studies show that particle matter, debris, smog, and ozone are becoming more threatening every year.

However, most people don´t know that if the Heating and Ventilating Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is not properly maintained, indoor air can become even more polluted and dangerous than being outdoors. A lot of dust, debris and organic residues get trapped inside your home. Air ducts, vents, and filters are home to harmful bacteria, insects, mold and even rodents. Adding to that, your carpets and furniture fabrics collect dust, dead skin, hair, and soil. This means there is an entire micro-cosmos that we never see, but that can affect the quality of the air we breathe.

  • Benefits of keeping your air ducts clean:


  • Healthy indoor air
  • Efficient Heat and Ventilating Air Conditioning (HVAC) system
  • A 100% functional air duct system is that it lets the air circulate properly
  • Lower energy bills

Even if there are no other signs of air duct clogging, if you notice that your power bills are slowly getting higher, you should consider calling All States Air Duct Pro Lewisville technicians to check if there is anything blocking the normal air flow.

The fact is that the filters in these types of systems were built to have a lifespan of a couple of years so, having them checked out periodically to make sure they are not clogged or infested by hazardous pest is a must.

Besides, air duct cleaning, at All States Air Duct Pro Lewisville we also offer other related services such as:

  • AC repair
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Water Restoration
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

All States Air Duct Pro Lewisville is EPA certified. This means that we keep the use of chemicals to a minimum and never leave harmful residues that could actually reduce your indoor air quality or cause allergic reactions.

If you have any questions, give us a call at the number on the right of the screen or send us a message using the contact form on this website. One of our specialists will get back to you shortly.


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Services That We Offer Include

Ac Repair

Our AC repair experts are certified, licensed and insured. They are also trained to offer a completely customer oriented service.

Air Duct Cleaning

We are EPA certified. We keep the use of chemicals to a minimum, leaving your ducts residue and dust free.

Carpet Cleaning

We not only specialize in carpet cleaning. We also perform thorough and in-depth upholstery cleaning, providing an all-round cleaning service.

Water Restoration

We efficiently remove water, residues and stains, and remediate all damage caused by moist.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Take care of your indoor air quality, protect your family and save money by having our experts clean your dryer vent system.

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