Becoming the fastest growing Air Duct And Carpet Cleaning company in Sugar Land has been one of our most challenging endeavors.

Serving the great city of Houston has been our mission since the beginning.

If you are in the Sugar Land Area, you must contact All States Air Duct Pro whenever you experience problems with your air conditioner, you HVAC system, or if you notice there is something that might be causing allergies or respiratory problems to your loved ones.

Air Problems?

The well-being of every individual in Sugar Land is very important to us. The quality of air is a vital aspect of a healthy life, and if you want to enjoy the benefits of clean air, you must call real air duct cleaning experts.

Any problem you might have with your air ducts or HVAC system, or if your carpets and upholstery have become a source of allergens, you must call All States Air Duct Pro and let them give you a complete assessment of your home conditions.

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air we breathe should not be overlooked.

Houston´s air has become dirtier every year. We could blame it all on fossil fuels and industrial activity, but there are other factors that contribute to air pollution.

You would be surprised to know that indoor air quality is worse than what we breathe outside our houses. This has a number of causes, which include debris that enters the system and never finds its way out, and organic residues produced by ourselves.

Air ducts also provide the perfect breeding environment for harmful bacteria and other organisms such as mold. We have found other animals living comfortably inside our client´s ducts. Insects, birds and rodents are more common than you would think. They all contribute to clogging your ducts and polluting the air you breathe with their excretions and hair.

Moreover, other elements in your house can make things worse. Carpets and upholstery are able to collect all these microscopic particles and release them as you walk by, making them a true dangerous booby trap for those with particularly low tolerance to allergens.

We all worry about the quality of the air we breathe. We have seen air pollution rise over the past few decades all around the Sugar Land area. We know for a fact that particle matter, dust, debris, smog and ozone concentrations in the air are gradually becoming more insidious with time. and studies show that particle matter, debris, smog and ozone are becoming more threatening every year.

Only by calling an All States Air Duct Pro air quality experts in Sugar Land you can rest assured you and your family are breathing the best air.

Call our experts if you:

  • Find it difficult to breathe
  • Feel your nose, eyes and throat itchy
  • Detect musty odors
  • Feel like your HVAC unit is not heating/cooling as it should
  • Your carpets look soiled
  • Your power bill has gone up inexplicably

Benefits of cleaning your air ducts

Most people do not think much of their air ducts. They are generally hidden out of sight in most residences and venues, making it harder for owners to remember about them.

The fact is that they all get clogged and our filters actually have a lifespan of a couple of years in most cases. It means that we must check them out every now and then just to make sure they´re not clogged or are harboring hazardous materials that need to be removed.

Remember that filters not only stop foreign particles from entering your home, but also retain harmful elements that are produced when we smoke, cook, or have furry pets in our homes.

Moreover, as your air ducts become more obstructed, the efficiency of your HVAC unit has to work harder to maintain your preferred temperature. If you notice that your power bills are slowly getting higher, you should consider calling All States Air Duct Pro technicians to check if there is anything blocking your normal flow of air.

One other benefit of having a totally functional air duct system is that it lets the air circulate properly. That takes care of other dangerous problems such as ozone or radon concentrations in your home. Our technicians can also make sure that every area of your home is properly ventilated.

Carpet Cleaning

There are few companies in Sugar Land that offer the same coverage as All States Air Duct Pro.

We not only have a superb carpet cleaning team, but we also have an emergency unit ready to take care of any problem involving carpets and upholstery.

We know what is like to have a water damage emergency. You need fast and professional attention in order to save your carpentry and furniture from damage.

Soiled carpets are not lost. You must call the Sugar Land experts in fabric care if you want to make your upholstery look like new in a few hours with little effort.


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Services That We Offer Include

Ac Repair

Our AC repair experts are certified, licensed and insured. They are also trained to offer a completely customer oriented service.

Air Duct Cleaning

We are EPA certified. We keep the use of chemicals to a minimum, leaving your ducts residue and dust free.

Carpet Cleaning

We not only specialize in carpet cleaning. We also perform thorough and in-depth upholstery cleaning, providing an all-round cleaning service.

Water Restoration

We efficiently remove water, residues and stains, and remediate all damage caused by moist.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Take care of your indoor air quality, protect your family and save money by having our experts clean your dryer vent system.

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