Is your dryer taking forever to dry your clothes? Does your dryer get too hot lately? You might have a clogged dry vent.

Lint build up is a common occurrence in dryers. It not also causes slower drying and elevated heat. It is known to cause fires as well.

Many people are aware that they have to clean the lint trap every once in a while. But that´s not the only place where build up forms. The vent duct that is located behind your dryer and goes deep into the wall also collects lint and other particles that eventually clog it. They are also very flammable.

It is known that close to 3000 fires are started by dryers that are not properly cleaned. When the lint buildup totally clogs the dryer vent, it prevents air from flowing normally. It then becomes everything but a vent and starts looking a lot like a furnace. At the high temperatures generated by this problem, lint and clothing can catch fire and put your life and that of your family in danger.

But there are other dangers as well!

If you have a gas dryer, and your dryer vent happens to be blocked, toxic gases, like carbon monoxide, will remain inside your house. This gas is highly dangerous and will affect your indoor air quality negatively.

Could my Dryer Vent be Clogged?

There are many factors that could cause your dryer vent to be clogged with lint and other particles.

For the sake of convenience, some houses and apartments have long lines of ventilation pipes. The longer the distance between your dryer and the exhaust, the higher the probability for it to get clogged.

The number of twists and turns in your piping system also plays a role. Whether they are made of plastic or foil, every curve offers lint great spot to settle. Moreover, these materials are greatly malleable. So, any pressure applied to them can leave dents or even crush and reduce the inner space.

Vent screens are another factor. Although they are necessary to prevent vermin from entering and nesting inside the warm dryer vent system, they also provide a barrier for lint. Surprisingly, not many people know where the vent exhaust is in their own house. It is not rare to find completely neglected vent screens because of this.

Regularly cleaning the vent screen, and the dryer´s lint trap are good ways of increasing your appliance´s operation life, and preventing a possible fire.

However, having a team of experts come and perform a complete and thorough dryer vent system cleanup is the best way to remove all the pollutants from your house.

Take care of your indoor air quality, protect your family and save money by having our experts clean your dryer vent system.

We´re certified and insured, and we guarantee a fast and efficient job no matter how your system is built.

Our powerful truck mounted vacuum equipment is made specifically to dislodge and extract all the lint that´s trapped inside your vent lines. After we finish, you will notice your appliances will start working like they used to.

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