Water Damage Restoration

Water Restoration

If you are reading this, there is possibly no time to lose!

Water damage requires immediate action to prevent further destruction of your property.

Every minute that passes without water remediation measures, the damage becomes more severe, increasing the cost of restoration.

The causes can vary. Water damage can happen at any time and it is always from an unexpected source. Most people think that it can only occur suddenly, but there are instances where water damage is caused by a slow and hidden source.

Most common causes are:

  • Burst Pipe
  • Leakages
  • Overflown Toilet
  • Heavy Rain or Storm
  • Melted Snow
  • Malfunctioning Appliances (Fridge, washing machine)
  • Water condensation

Those are but a few of the causes. Once you spot water in your property, you should act fast to prevent materials to absorb too much liquid. If your furniture and structure have merely got wet, there is a chance that you only need help picking water up. Then a bit of proper ventilation should get the job done.

However, after a few minutes, some materials, such as carpets and cushions, might absorb most of the water and get soaked. Stains and smudges are formed in those, making the restoration process a bit more difficult. But if water is left for a long time, your structure could be severely affected. Water bloated concrete or wood is something you do not want. The costs of remediation are astronomical.

What you need is a team of experts to help you deal with any water related event in your property.

All States Air Duct Pro works only with the best equipment and products to ensure water damage is reduced to a minimum and you can return to your normal life immediately. We efficiently remove all the water and residues, remove all the stains, and remediate all the damage caused by moist. We also make sure your property is free of mold and musty odors that could cause health problems in the future.

Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration

How We Do It

When our experts arrive to the scene, they need to follow a strict procedure that allows us to guarantee a total minimization of damages.

Once they enter your property our techs inspect the areas affected.

There are many factors to take into consideration. The quality of the water is one. Dealing with clean water is one thing, but gray or black waters require special treatments as they bring health hazards into the situation. All of them cause damage, but unclean water will leave unsanitary residues if not treated properly.

One other factor is the damage level. A room that is just wet, and where furniture has not absorbed any of the water, only requires fast water removal, drying and cleaning. But a room where carpets and furniture have been soaked, or where you can see that water has penetrated the floors, walls and ceilings, require a lot more planning for minimizing the damage.

This is why time is of the essence. Every minute that passes, the water goes deeper into fabrics, woods and even concrete, causing severe damage that would take thousands of dollars to restore.

We guarantee the fastest and most efficient service. All States Air Duct Pro is always on time, and always has customers in mind. We know that water damage could represent a deep financial impact. We take the necessary steps to minimize that impact and offer reasonable prices.

If your property is at risk because of water damage, just pick up the phone and call us NOW!

Call today and talk to our experts about your air duct needs. We can check your ducts and tell you whether you need our services.

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